Lubrico API: SM Semi Synthetic

Lubrico Petrol Engine Oil API: SM engine oils are particularly well-suited for hot countries with medium to high temperatures. These oils can be used with petrol or diesel engine technologies without particulate filters and engines built prior to 2004. These oils are designed to provide improved oxidation resistance, improved deposit protection, better wear protection, and better low temperature performance over the life of the oil.


Naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, light truck gasoline engines. Four stroke gasoline engines and portable power equipment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enables fast and easy start in extreme temperature conditions
  • Particularly recommended for urban driving
  • Oil film able to withstand high operating temperatures
  • Protects engines against deposits
  • Standard drain interval clean

10W-30, 10W-40

  • API Service Category SM/CF
  • MB 229.1
  • ACEA A3/B4
  • VW 501 01 / 505 00 505 00
  • PSA B71 2300
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