Lubrico API: SG

Lubrico Petrol Engine Oil API: SG are mineral oils for gasoline and diesel engines having high ageing resistance, effectively reduces carbon formation and high-temperature lacquer formation. Provides safe lubrication of the engine components. These oils contains low-ash additives which allow to prolong the endurance of the catalyst.


Gasoline and light duty diesel engines found in passenger cars. Farm and construction equipment, stationary diesel engines and four stroke engines. It can be comfortably used in mixed fleet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior viscosity retention
  • Oxidation resistant
  • Wear and friction protection
  • Engine Cleanliness and low combustion residue
  • Excellent detergency and dispercancy
  • Protection against rubber parts
  • Good TBN Retention properties

20W50, 20W-60, 15W-40, SAE 50, SAE 40

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